Scout is a software program for estimating the national energy and CO2 impacts of building energy efficiency measures*

  • ECM Summaries

    Building energy conservation measures (ECMs) improve upon the performance and/or cost of a comparable "business-as-usual" technology or operational approach. Use the ECM Summaries page to browse existing ECM definitions or upload a custom set of ECMs.

  • Analysis Results

    ECM energy, CO2, and cost impacts are evaluated for individual ECMs or an ECM portfolio relative to a baseline or “business-as-usual” scenario. Use the Analysis Results page to view interactive results visualizations for existing ECM analyses or upload a custom set of results.

  • Baseline Energy Calculator

    ECMs apply to baseline segments of U.S. energy use and CO2 emissions that bound their ultimate impact potential. Use the Baseline Energy Calculator to determine the potential energy and CO2 market impacts of an ECM or group of ECMs.

Do more with Scout

Review the Quick Start Guide to learn how to run custom Scout analyses on your own computer. Visit GitHub to contribute to Scout development and report issues.

* Scout is based on modeled data from a variety of sources and may contain errors or inaccuracies—use only with care and caution, particularly in the context of policy or program design. The use of Scout (including this website) is subject to the license terms .